Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 7PM

Elemental Massage Therapy is open. You can view availability and book online now by visiting elementalmassageVT for all future appointments.

When entering Blue Water Center you are required to wear a face mask or some form of face covering while in any common areas. You will see sanitizer at the top of the stairs please apply to hands when entering and leaving the building.  The bathroom is available for public use but limits one person at a time, please knock before entering. We will have face masks and sanitizer in the massage rooms. If you do not have a face mask and need us to provide one just let us know and we can bring one out to your car before entering the building. We block 30 minutes in between appointments so you should be able to come directly to the room at your scheduled time. Please feel free to message us or call to confirm that we are ready if you feel necessary.

We will be following the guidelines set in place to ensure that we keep our clients and therapists safe.  We want to make sure that your body and mind are able to continue receiving the care and relaxation it needs now more than ever – without concern.

Before, during, and after our doors open, we clean all surfaces that may be touched. All therapist are strictly following a hand washing protocol before and after each session and after touching any sheets, bottles, or any other objects that may have possible contamination. We also added an air purifier that kills 99% of germs bacteria and viruses. These are stressful times. Let US take care of YOU! We encourage you to make an appointment and to allow yourself some time to escape.

See you soon!

Be well
Lisa Tomasik